How to generate leads for your business.

Marketing managers generate leads for the business. However getting the lead is one thing, translating them into sales is another.  A warm lead can quickly turn cold if you do not pay your attention to it.

 Here are some tips to help you turn leads into sales.

Offer incentives.

We all like free things and giving an incentive is a great way to push people into becoming your customers. If you have a particular product and you introduce it to the customers by saying that they can get it at a lower price, you will generate a lot of interest and probably sales.

 Ask the potential customer if they want to buy.

Sometimes all you need to do is push our customer in the right direction. This means you pick up your phone and talk to them, and use your knowledge to show them how the product or service will benefit them. It is not surprising to get a few sales out of this. You also have the advantage of having a one-on-one conversation with a potential customer and getting to know them better.

 Give solutions.

One of the greatest challenges most marketers have is that they focus on the product and talk about its great features while they forget the most important part, which is to tell the customer how the product will benefit them. If you identify a need, then your focus should be on providing a solution. Hard-sell rarely works because there are so many people who are pushing product in customer’s faces. It is a major turn-off to be aggressively bombarded with product information.

 Have a properly developed FAQ section on your website.

It is so easy to lose a lead because the person is unable to get more information on what you’re selling from your website. This is why most websites need to have an FAQ section that provides relevant information. Make sure your information is as informative as possible and answers as many potential questions as you can possibly think about.

 Have a time limit for converting leads.

 Having a database full of dead leads does not help you or your business. If you have repeatedly talked to the potential client and they do not seem to be responding, then you may need to remove them from your database. Give yourself timelines, for example, if after 30 days a potential client has not responded favorably, then discard the lead. This will help your sales team focus on warm or hot leads without wasting a lot of time talking to the cold leads.

 Do not forget to follow up.

Some customers just want you to chase them. Do not wait too long before you start the follow-up process because if a customer took time to fill in a lead generation form and they get no feedback from you, they may feel that you have no interest in their business and can opt to go to your competitors. Follow up the leads as soon as you get them because it will help you gauge the level of interest the person has.

January 31, 2019 yellowfrog569